Fresh air ventilation

When the homeowner and the property owners are installing a heat source forgets often forget that also need ventilation for a healthy indoor environment.

With a Acma Four Seasons can greatly improve the ventilation in his house. Acma has a built-in double-action fan system that gives a balanced ventilation. It fårca 200 m3behagligt tempered fresh air per hour in your house. This means that in a normal sized house replacing the air about 15-20 times per day.

Balanced ventilation prevents heat loss through leaky doors, windows and walls. Possibly pull decreases. By supply of new fresh air ventilate the building radon, mold, moisture and odors out. It is well known that a healthy and ventilated indoor environment with high oxygen content reduces the risk of fatigue, headaches and breathing difficulties.

Build Radon is effectively ventilated away through the large supply of fresh air. There are many references påradonsanering. In case of large concentration of radon can be a markradonsug complement a Acma Four Seasons.
Contact us for more information about radon remediation.


Provides continuous new fresh air
Oxygenate the air
Spreading the heat from the wood-burning stove
Wiper and dehumidifying
prevents mold
Reduces construction radon
Ventilation without unnecessary ducting

Acma use rooms that ventilation channels (for carrying the cooled or tempered fresh air). If there is a closed door, wall or dyligt install it breaks (door / wall grill) so that you always get the circulation in the house. These grilles are available in various designs.

Why ventilation?

Ventilation is used to remove moisture and impurities. In indoor
air collects pollutants from cooking, cooking odors, cleaning, showers, laundry, radon, chemicals from furniture, cleaning products, fibers from pets and other particles.

Here you can read more about the ventilation of Vattenfall hemsidsida.

Acma HP 4900 Four Seasons

Acma HP Four Seasons is a heat pump without outdoor unit that works with both air / air and exhaust air, while increasing efficiency. Get fresh air, ventilation and air cleaning in the bargain! The unit is certified to ventilate radon which is a problem in many homes.

ICOOL - Aircondition / Heat pump

Tired of the heat? Obtain pleasant coolness of fresh air! Install yourself a ICOOL AC unit without outdoor unit. Only two holes in the wall and grounded electrical outlet (do not require permission).

Building Master

Building Master is an energy-saving heating controller for multi-family properties. With Building Master you can easily set the desired indoor temperature, the system takes care of the rest.

Fresh air ventilation

Did you know you can get both heating, air condition and fresh air ventilation from one unit? See more under products. We have both Acma HP 4900 Four Season and ICOOL.

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