Below we have listed some links where you can find valuable information on energy conservation, energy efficiency and environmental issues.

Fortum - Energy Aid
Here you can get tips on how to reduce their energy consumption.

Waterfalls - energy wisely
Get track of consumption. Test and compare various energy-saving measures. Here you can also find information and tips how to reduce their energy consumption.

Energy Agency
There is comprehensive information about how you can heat your house in different ways, how you can cope with a power outage and what is good to think about whether you should buy or build houses. There is also contact information for energy and climate advisers in all municipalities. They will answer your questions about energy - free of charge.

Energy Knowledge
Here you can read all about energy and get answers to common questions regarding energy consumption.

Energy savings
This website has collected various tips how to reduce their energy consumption in the home.

Acma HP 4900 Four Seasons

Acma HP Four Seasons is a heat pump without outdoor unit that works with both air / air and exhaust air, while increasing efficiency. Get fresh air, ventilation and air cleaning in the bargain! The unit is certified to ventilate radon which is a problem in many homes.

ICOOL - Aircondition / Heat pump

Tired of the heat? Obtain pleasant coolness of fresh air! Install yourself a ICOOL AC unit without outdoor unit. Only two holes in the wall and grounded electrical outlet (do not require permission).

Building Master

Building Master is an energy-saving heating controller for multi-family properties. With Building Master you can easily set the desired indoor temperature, the system takes care of the rest.

Fresh air ventilation

Did you know you can get both heating, air condition and fresh air ventilation from one unit? See more under products. We have both Acma HP 4900 Four Season and ICOOL.

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